En medio de toda la moda del «Social Media», las redes sociales, Twitter, Facebook, los blogs, los «influencers«, los «community managers», y toda la bola, hay (como en todo) varias voces a favor, y varias voces en contra.

Quienes se hacen una cuenta en todo lo que brilla y tenga boton de «Sign up», quienes no se preocupan por su privacidad, compartiéndolo todo, quienes dicen que ya no existe la privacidad, y quienes proponen un estilo de vida quasi-alterno, mantiendose lejos de toda la vorágine socialmediera

Este muchacho de arriba (con un ritmo que por momentos me hace acordar al musical de drácula en Forgetting Sarah Marshall), dice directamente que el «Social Media is for Losers» (las redes sociales son para perdedores, ponele).

Dice varias verdades del mundillo cibernético (que va desde las reuniones nerdies hasta las invitaciones de FarmVille), supuestamente desde afuera del mismo… 😛

Lamentablemente está en inglés y sin subtítulos. Pero por si a alguno le suma en algo, acá está la letra completa de la canción en inglés:

Social media is for losers
Losers who have no real friends
It’s for fools who don’t know where the real world begins
And their Internet fantasy ends

Let me tell you, I never got Twitter
It’s a pointless and time-wasting site
And those hashtags all confuse the crap out of me
What are #ThingsThatBlackChicksDidLastNight ?

Don’t DM me, just give me a phone call
Better yet, talk to me face to face
I just now realized I should have optimized
My Top 8 friends on MySpace

But it’s too late now
‘Cause everybody knows that that site blows
‘Cause social media is for losers
That’s how it goes

Have you ever been to a «tweetup?»
Well don’t bother, they’re totally lame
It’s just nerds staring down at their iPhones
Making their Foursquare checkins the same.

And if you’re frequently posting on Facebook
You’re a lonely, unnatural freak
You’re life gets monetized while you’re buying the lies
That your updates are somehow unique

And stop sending me invites to Farmville
‘Cause I find all those messages rude
But don’t worry that doesn’t mean children will starve
‘Cause you’re not growing actual food

If you live all your life online
You might as well be dead.
Because social media is for losers
That’s what I said

Hey do you think maybe you can retweet this?
I’m really trying to promote this song
Maybe post the video on your Facebook wall
So your friends can all sing along?

I tried to write about this to the papers
Tried to get on some local TV
I even shouted it out from the roof of my house
But I couldn’t make anyone see

That LinkedIn is nothing but losers
And Tumblr is only for losers
And Google+ was designed just for losers
Social media is for losers…

Yo la vi gracias a otro loser más: Mi amigo Sicrono (es más loser decirle Sicrono que Nico). 😛